Hinkle Hemp Harmony Gummies can help you with insomnia, chronic pains and even anxiety. What sets Hinkle Hemp Harmony Gummies apart from the rest is that we extract our CBD from the flowers of Charlotte's Web CBD plants. Charlotte’s Web flowers contain anti-seizure properties and are excellent for mitigating muscle spasms. With each gummy containing 75mg of CBD extract from Charlotte’s Web, they are more than well equipped to treat any of the above listed ailments that you may have.

Made-to-order to ensure freshness. Strawberry flavor.


  • If you or a loved one dreads taking capsule based medication CBD gummies may be an excellent alternative for you. 

  • While many manufacturers prefer to keep the focus on the amount of CBD in their products (flashy MG numbers with as many 0’s as they can fit on the bottle) it is important to understand the quality of the dosage as well.