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Welcome to Hinkle Hemp

At Hinkle Hemp, we put people above profit and aim to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible. As such, we take the quality and effectiveness of our products very seriously.


All of our rigorously third-party tested, Premium Full Spectrum CBD hemp products, are pesticide free, grown, harvested, and processed in the USA.

The organic amendments, premium blends and ingredients coupled with our stable genetics serve as the foundation of our premium Full Spectrum CBD products.


Woman / Veteran Family Owned Company

Pattie Meyer, Owner/President, extensive knowledge of CBD and wellness, coupled with her lifelong dedication to dance, movement, nutrition, preventative medicine, and balance, makes her an ideal fit for this role. What sets her apart is her passion for a healthy lifestyle, combined with a deep understanding of the remarkable benefits of hemp-derived CBD. This unique blend of knowledge not only drives her personal use of the CBD products she creates, but also fuels her ability to provide products that enhance the well-being of others, enabling them to live their best lives.

Pattie's expertise also includes robust project and quality management skills, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, education and fulfillment.


"We put people above profit, and an educated consumer is our best customer." - Pattie Meyer

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