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Oral CBD Prevented COVID-19 Infection in Real-World Patients

by James Hinkle, Farmer of Sunlight™️

While not a substitute for vaccines, "CBD has the potential to prevent infections, such as breakthrough infections," the study's lead author said.

"Cannabidiol—the non-psychoactive cannabis compound better known as CBD—is a potent blocker of SARS-CoV-2 replication in human cells, new research shows. Not only that, but a survey of real-world patients taking prescribed CBD found a “significant” negative relationship between CBD consumption and COVID-19 infection. "

“As a bottom line, what this says is that CBD has the potential to prevent infections, such as breakthrough infections, which might be one of the most useful applications,” Rosner told Motherboard.


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James Hinkle | Farmer of Sunlight

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